It seems that annihilating the human race is more realistic than ending all the suffering, shouldn’t we focus on that?

We think that activists’ goal must be an overall solution, which should be forsaken only if a broad and thorough examination brings about the tragic conclusion that such an option is unrealistic. As we stressed in other FAQ’s, neither you nor us can make a determination about the feasibility of the project to abolish all the suffering on this planet. The only way to find out is by conducting an extensive research.
Forsaking the overall solution and focusing on annihilating the human race, is forsaking all the suffering that is not caused by humans - suffering which otherwise would never be addressed. That’s why we are insisting on an option which is far less realistic but far more moral. That’s the only way to stop all the suffering. Therefore we call activists to first make the most of the research of how to end all the suffering.

Having said that, humans are causing so much suffering, and the option of their annihilation is much more realistic and perceptible, that we can’t say that if we had a substantial option of eliminating them, we wouldn’t go for it.
A world with no battery cages, trawl nets, TD, slaughterhouses, mastitis, gestation crates, mulesing, herbicides, pesticides, air pollution, water pollution, land clearing and so many other atrocities which will cease to exist and will never come back once humans are gone, is a world so less horrible than our current one, that we can’t see ourselves refusing to implement the option to wipe out the human race if we had the chance of doing it.

Our call is for activists to do everything they can to stop all the suffering in the world. We realize that many believe it is an unrealistic goal. But we fail to understand how that can be a valid reason not to do everything they can to end all the suffering humans are causing or will ever cause.

For more about the feasibleness issue please read our FAQ’s What Can I Do and I Agree with the Ethical Imperative to Stop This World, But I Think It is Way Too Complicated.